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4000HP Multi Purpose Utility Vessel4000HP Multi Purpose Utility Vessel
Date of emplacing keel 02 June, 2010 Date of delivery 20 March 2011
LOA 52.58 m Length 47.14 m Length of waterline 50.83 m
Breadth 11.58 m Depth 4.42 m Light draught 2.030 m
Full-load draught 3.500 m Full-load displacement 1308.200 t
Light displacement 603.050 t
Cross tonnage 771
Net tonnage 231
Reference weight of loading cargo - t
Navigation area: Offshore, A1 + A2
Hull material steel Deck material steel
No. of transverse compartment’s bulkhead 5 Location of double deck ---
Type of structure: Transverse framing system
Main engine 2 units, model 6DL-28, type- Diesel engine, Rate power(kw)- 1471, Rated speed(r/min)720, Date of building 01 Feb 2010, Builder Daihatsu
Thruster type- propeller FPP, material MN-B, Crew 20 persons Water extinguish system, Fire hydrant: 8 Water gun: 8 Pump type Emergency pump 100CLE-6A, 1 unit
Main pump 80CLZ-9A, 2 units
Inspectiom/ delivery China

Command Support vessel Command support ship for sale Command & Support ship with hospital and diver platform
ex Swedish Navy Mine-layer lately used as a Command
& Support ship with hospital and diver platform support ship as well as Command Search & Research (SAR) ship:
Also suitable as Diver Support ship, mother-vessel for Maritime/Oil Field/anti-Pirate Security operations, Offshore Support.
Swedish flag, built 1991 at Oskarshamns Varv 1991 Sweden.
Classed under Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjofartsverket)
Ice class for trade in 300mm solid ice
Last major Navy docking/overhaul spring 2010
Re-painted/overhauled August 2012
Drydock/survey booked for last week May 2013 in Stockholm
Loa 31.5m (29.8m at water line)
Beam 7.4m
Draft 2.48m
Displacement 233 tons
11mm steel plates
Cabins: 4 x 2-berth
1 x 1-berth
2 x 10-berth
Forward: large area with 24 berths
2 x WC
2 x bathrooms with showers & 4 hand-basins
Superstructure: 2 x WC
2 x bathrooms with showers
Fan assisted heating system can easily be converted to a/c using existing pipes
Large cold storage rooms for long endurance at sea
Deck space for equipment & containers
Overboard re-fueling
Part of fittings for a unmanned survey submarine remains
2 x deck Sea-Cranes
1 x lifting hoist
Scania DS11 57M22U 2 x 230kw/308hp @ 1800 rpm (reduced power to 250hp to save fuel but can easily be upgraded again)
M/engine operating hours stb: 05136.5 hrs
ps: 05769.7 hrs
11.0 knots service on 90 lit/hrs fuel
12-12.5 knots if engines upgraded
2 x prop shafts
2 x fixed propellers
Bow thruster
Auxs: 1 x Scania DS11 driving Stamford gen 400v 200kVA (05056.1 operating hrs)
1 x Perkins driving G&M power plant 380v 46kVA
Placed ps aft (16046.6 operating hrs)
Turning radius 60m
Distance to stop at full speed 60m
Aft water trim tank
Fuel 14 cbm (can be increased to 30-35 cbm)
Black water 3 cbm
Fresh water 10 cbm
VHF, GPS, Gyro, autopilot, radar
This ship has very thick bottom steel plates and can be navigated in unchartered waters.
Her bow part can be 'beached' if required. She is also fitted with a number of water tight compartments.
The Navy described her as close to 'indestructible'
The ship shall be sold and cash offers are invited after inspection Price ideas slashed to euro 300,000. As brokers try any reasonable outright offers. In warm lay-up near Stockholm, Sweden ‘ready to sail’ Occasionally operated for maintenance purposes. Spot/prompt delivery.

Rolls Royce UT Design PSV2 x Rolls Royce UT Design Platform Supply vessels for sale
2 x Rolls Royce UT Design Platform Supply vessels UT 755 CDL 3,200 DWT DP 2, FiFi 1
Main Particulars
General information:
Speed: 14,5 knots at 100% MCR at 4.0 m draft
Class: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Principal dimension (all about):
LOA: 81,30 m
Breadth overall: 16,0 m
Depth: 7.0 m
Max.draft: 5.80 m
Total: 40 men
8 x 1-man cabin
16 x 2-man cabin
With galley mess room, dry-provision room and air-conditioned throughout
Gross tonnage: 2.000 t
Deadweight: 3200 t @ 5.80 m draft
Fuel oil: 1.100 cbm
Ballast/drill: 1,485 cbm
Freshwater: 715 cbm
Liquid mud: 910 cbm
Dry bulk cargo tank: 315 cbm
Deck cargo area: 670 sqm
Cargo deck load: 5 t/sqm
Main equipment
Propulsion: 2 x 1,600 kW, Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thruster with E-motors and Frequency Control Drives. Type: AZP 85 FP
Generator: 4 x 1,300 ekW, Turbo charges High Speed
Diesel Cummins, Type: QSK 50 DM, 1,625 kVA; 400 V/60 Hz each
Emergency Generator: 1 x 400 ekW, Cummins, 500 kVA, 440/60 Hz
Bow Tunnel Thruster: 2 x 590 kW, Rolls-Royce Tunnel Thruster. Type: TT 1850 DPN FP, 249 RPM, 440/60 Hz each
Deck equipment
Tugger winch: 2 x RRM Tugger Winch, 10 t pull at 0-19 m/min
Deck Cargo: 1 x TTS electro-hydraulic deck crane on C-Deck aft of superstructure, type: GPK 115-3-16, capacity 3 t @ 16 m outreach, local & radio control
Anchor: 2 x 2,850 kgs stockless bow anchors of “Spek” type
Anchor chain: 495 m integral stud link anchor with diameter 45 mm, NV-K3, fitted in self-stowing chain lockers
Capstan: 2 x RRM hydraulic driven capstans on main deck aft Port & Starboard side, with 8 t pull @ 0-16 m/min, with fixed warping head diameter 410 mm x 575 mm
Cargo discharging rate:
Ballast/Drill: 1 x 200 cbm/hr @ 90 m head
Fresh Water: 1 x 200 cbm/hr @ 90 m head
Fuel Oil: 1 x 200 cbm/hr @ 100 m head
Base Oil: 1 x 150 cbm/hr @ 100 m head
Brine: 1 x 75 cbm/hr @ 60 m head
Liquid Mud: 2 x 75 cbm/hr @ 60 m head
DPS (class 2): ABS class DP-2 notation, type: Rolls-Royce lcon, DP 2: Poscon Joystick, System: 2 x DGPS, 1 x Fan Beam
DELIVERY ex shipyard prompt.

Polar supply vesselPolar supply vessel for sale
TYPE: Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel, Flag France
Builder: Ferguson-Ailsa, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Completed: 1986
LOA / BEAM / DRAFT: 65.06m / 13.05m / 4.78m
DWT: 949 tonnes, including 720m3 FO capacity, GRT: 1753 tonnes
Classification: Bureau Veritas *1.3/3. Ice Class 1A Super, Special Service Polar Ship, AUT-MS. DP1
Thrusters Main: 2 variable pitch propellers,Tunnel Thruster: Forward - 1 x 500 bhp, thrust 5.5t
Rudders: 2 independent rudders
Engines Main: 2 x Mirrlees Blackstone diesel 2300kW
Auxilliaries: 3 x Caterpillar 3408 300kW
Endurance: 12,000 nautical miles at 12 knots
Speed / Consumption: Max: 14.2 knots / 25 tonne per day
Economical: 12 knots / 13.2 tonne per day, Port: 0.5 tonne per day
Deck Space: Cargo Deck: 320m2, Helideck: 162m2, Main Hatch: 210m2
Hatch Access to Cargo Deck: 10.5m x 3.7m, Over Cargo Deck: 160m2 , Note: this area does not have the same loading capacity as cargo deck
Power: 110 / 240 / 380v /50/60Hz
Cargo: Cargo deck area of 320m2, Shelter deck strength 5t/m2, Helideck strength 2t/m2, Explosives storage area of 120m2
Main Deck: 1 main deck crane (2 hooks) - major hook with SWL 32 tonnes at 8.5m and small hook with SWL 2.5 tonnes at 9.5m
Secondary crane with SWL of 1 tonne at 6m used to lower support craft
Aft horizontal beam with SWL of 5 tonnes used to deploy/ recover diverse devices from the aft
Helideck: Capable of operating and refuelling Lama or Ecureuil type helicopters
Rescue and Safety Craft: 2 x lifeboats for 32 persons each, 4 rafts 25 persons each
Communications and Navigation: 2 radars and gyrocompasses, 1 gyropilot. Fitted with Inmarsat
A and radio system compliant with GMDSS A3 including 2 x Inmarsat C
Accommodation: Total 62 persons including: 12 x crew and 50 clients in fully air conditioned shared cabins. Two bed hospital
Communal Facilities: Two mess rooms, Client office (20m2) with data network connections
Support Craft: 1 x 4/6m inflatable workboat with 25hp outboard
Owners aiming to deliver to new Buyers/charterers in Hobart, Tasmania at the end of the Antarctic summer season early March 2017.
Can guide on price
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