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30 BP Super Ice Tug30 BP Super Ice Tug
Twin screw, super ice classed
Flag - Russia
Built - 1987 Yugoslavia, Tito Shipyard, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
Class - RMRS, KM * UL R2 AUT2 tug (Finish/Swedish ice class 1A super), SS 06.11.16, DD 25.03.15
Bollard pull - 30 t
DW - 89 t
Dims - Loa 30,23 / beam 9,00 / depth 4,5 / draft 4,45 m
GT - 270
ME - 2 x Two main engines 6ASL 25 D - 1854 kW total
Propulsion - 2 x CPP in nozzles
AEs - 1 x 150 kW, 1 x 75 kW
Bowthruster - 95 kW
Speed/dist - max 11,0 kn on abt 5,0 mt DO, economical speed 8,0 kn on abt 4,5 mt DO
Additional - Towing Winch: Single drum, Pull 20 t, Breake 90 t
- Main towing wire: 650 m. diam.40,0 mm
- Spare towing wire: 650 m. diam. 40,0 mm
The tug is presently trading in Black sea, where available for inspection. Can guide you on ideas if of interest.

Ice Class Pusher TugIce Class Pusher Tug
New building
Build your tug at Russian Ship yard, while the $ price is low due to high exchange rate
Port of registry Taganrog, Flag Russia
RS Class notation KM(*) Ice2 R2-RSN AUT3 tug
Date of build 18.09.2012, Country of build Russia
Gross tonnage 498 t, Tonnage 149 t
Deadweight 224 t
Displacement 699 t
Length overall 35.3 m, Beam 9.5 m
Height 4.91 m
Draught 3.28 m
Speed 9.3 kn
Type of power plant Diesel
1 Main Engine: 2009, China, 1*920 hp
Fixed pitched propeller, Number of blades 4
Generators 2*112 hp
FO Diesel oil bunkers 132 t, Water ballast 55 t
Endurance 14 days
Building time- 12 months

70t BP tug5200 HP Z-Driving Tug Bat
Built: 2011 China
Main Particulars: Length Overall: 36.02 m
Beam Moulded: 10.60 m
Depth Moulded: 4.80 m
Design Draft: 3.60 m
GRT: Less than 500
Speed: 13.5Knots
Bollard Pull: Pull Ahead Max. 64T,Pull Aft Max. 55T
Endurance: 1500 Nautical Miles @ 12.5 Knots
Accommodation: 14 Men
Fuel Oil Capacity: 105 Cubic Metres
Fresh Water Capacity: 48 Cubic Metres
Main Engines: Daihatsu 6DKM-26e, Power rated 2600PSx750rpm, 2 sets
Propulsion: Rolls-royce US205P20FP, Z-drive propeller 360 degree manoeuvrability,
Power rated 2600PSx750rpm, 2 sets
Generators: Diesel driven generator output 126 kW, 400V/3o/50HZ 3-wire, 2 sets.
Anchor Windlass/Towing winch: Electric-Hydraulic Driven, MANABLE ZOKI, 2 sets
Gypsy Wheel: 4.0ton*10m/min
Towing Drum: 4.0t/1.0t*20/60m/min
Drum Capacity: dia 138*120m
Break Power: 80t
Anchor&Anchor Chain: anchor 2*780kg, dia 26mm U2 stud link chain.
Towing hook: Capacity: 70t
Stern Capstan : Electric-Hydraulic Driven
Winding Load & Winding Sped: 3t*15m/min
Oily Water Separator: 0.25m3/hr, 1 set
External Fi-fighting: 1 set diesel driven pump: cap.x head: 475m3/hx132m.
1 set remote monitor: cap.x head: 300m3/hx80m.
1 set hand monitor: cap.x head: 120m3/hx60m.
1set foam system.
Navigation & Communications Equipment: VHF: 3 set
MF/HF: 1 set, Two-way VHF: 2 sets, SART: 1 set, Magnetic Compass: 1 set, Radar: 1 set, Echo Sounder: 1 set, GPS: 1 set
Classification: CCS, coastal service tug
Inspection/ delivery China

6000HP ASD Tug6000HP/4412 kW ASD Tug
Class notation*CSA *CSM, Fi Fi 1, Tug, R1 WATER SPRAYING
Year Built 2012
Where Built Zhang Zhou China
Trading Limitation Offshore mob./great Coastal/work
Length overall48.00 m
Length B.P 42.00 m
Depth moulded 5.68 m
Beam moulded 12.00 m
Draft designed 4.50 m
Fuel oil ~350T
Fresh water ~135T
Endurance more than 2000 nm
Bollard pull Ahead 75T,Astern 68T
Accommodation 14 Persons
Bow thruster Type KT-43B1 Controllable pitch type with motor base
Main engine model NIIGATA 8L28HX
M.E.S.F.Consumption 195g/kW-hr
Inspection/ delivery China

Tug boat BP 40 t3200 HP Tugboat, BP 40 t
Kind of vessel: Ocean-going tug boat
Ship flag: In shipyard now for sale
Built in: 2011, China joint venture with Singapore shipyard
Navigation area:: Ocean-going/ A1+A2+A3
Length overall: 36.00m
Length WL: 31.70m
Beam Mould: 10.97m
Depth Mould: 5.00m
Draft Design: 4.20m
Free speed: 12 Knots at sail condition
Bollard Pull: Continuity pully 100%MCR ?40T
Tank Capacity:
Fresh water:: ~100m3
Fuel oil: ~393m3
Accommodation: Total: 14P
2x single cabin 2P
2x 2men cabin 4P
2x 4men cabin 8P
Lifecraft 15P*2

4000 HP ASD Harbor Tug Boat4000 HP ASD Harbor Tug Boat
Type of vessel: Tugboat
Date of emplacing keel May 24, 2012
Date of construction March 18, 2013
Class: CCS
LOA 35.67 m
Length 31.00 m
Length of waterline 34.20 m
Breadth 10.50 m
Depth 4.60 m
Full-load draught 3.300 m
Full-load displacement 641.600 t
Light displacement 510.100 t
Navigation area: Greater Coastal Service
Navigation area: A1+A2
M.E: 2 x 2000 HP
Available / Inspectable: Prompt Ex China.
Price on request.

ASD Harbor Tugboat4800 HP Harbor Tugboat
Ship Type: ASD Harbor Tugboat: Towing, Port Operation (towing and pushing ), Offshore Platform Service Nationality: China Built Year: 2012, built Place: China
Class: CCS, *CSAD Tug ICE CLASS B Offshore navigation area, *CSM
Navigation business area: Coastal: A1+A2
Main Dimension:
Length: 36.60m LBP: 31.06m
Load waterline: 34.46m
Breadth: 10.50m
Depth: 4.60m
Freeboard: 1.357m
Load Draft: 3.3m
Light water-displacement: 523.80T
Load water-displacement: 633.90T
Gross Tonnage: 425T
Net Tonnage: 127T
Speed: 12kn
Endurance: >760 N.M.
Accommodation: 12p
Tank Capacity:
Fuel Oil Tank: 65.62m3
Fresh Water Tank: 38.66m3
Lub Oil Tank: 7.62m3
*Towing Winch: Hydraulic Electrically Controlled Double Drum
Bollard Pull: 60T
Brake Load: 1110KN
*Main Towing Cable: Nylon Cable 700m
*Mooring Rope: Nylon Cable 120m*4
Manufacturer: Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Model: G128ZLCaf*180kw*1500rpm*2 sets
Generator Model: TFW-H150/AC400v*50Hz150kw*2 sets

ASD Ice class tug Damen 2509 designASD Ice class tug Damen 2509 design for sale
Date and place of build: 2006, Gdansk, Poland
Classification RMRS: KM*Arc4 R3 AUT3 Tug, Flag Latvia
Dimensions: Length: 19 m, Breadth: 9 m, Draught: 4,2 m
Gross tonnage: 144 t, Net tonnage: 44, Deadweight: 52 t, Displacement: 286 t
Performances: Bollard pull: 35 t Rate of sailing: 11,5 kn
Propulsion, machinery
Main engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3512 B
Main engines output: 2 x 1050 kW
Propulsion units: 2 x Aquamaster US 205
Diesel generator: 52 kW
Navigation and communication:
Sattelite compass: SIMRAD HS-50
Radar: SIMRAD CX 54-ED
Auto pilot: ROBERTSON AP9 MK3
Radio stations: SAILOR VHF RT 4822, SIMRAD RT 64
Deck lay out:
Tow anchor winch: Rolls- Roys 105 t
Towing cable: 44 mm Marlow Steelite rope, 200 m
Anchor: 1 x 270 kg
Hook : 87,5 t
FiFi monitor: Removable set 350m.cub/h
available in Latvia where inspectable by arrangement via this office

High quality Italian built tractor-type tugHigh quality Italian built tractor-type tug for sale
High quality Italian built tractor-type tug in very good condition for sale
Date and place of build: 1987, Cantieri Navali Ferrari, Italy
Classification DVNGL: 100 A5 Tug, Flag Latvia
Dimensions: Length: 27 m, Breadth: 9,10 m, Draught: 5,37 m
Gross tonnage: 245 t, Net tonnage: 73, Deadweight: 445 t,
Performances: Bollard pull: 45 t, Max. speed in ballast: 12 kn
Fuel capacity: 37 t, Fresh water: 11 t
Propulsion, machinery
Main engines: 2 x Deutz SBV.6M. 628
Main engines output: 2339 kW (3180 hp)
Propulsion units: 2 x Aquamaster propellers in Kort-nozzles
Diesel generator: 2 x 51 kW Deutz 4 F6 L 912, 102 kW in total
Navigation and communication equipment:
Navtex: AIS
Magnetic compass: Sart
Eco sounder: VHF handheld 2x
Radar 2x: VHF 2x
GPS: Epirb
Deck lay out:
Tow anchor winch: single drum towing winch
brake hold 80 tn
pulling power 5 tn
capacity 500 mtr x 48 mm wire
bridge and local controlled
Towing cable: workwire 225 m x 48 mm
Towing hook
available in Latvia where inspectable by arrangement via this office